Cashback Forex

Trading Rebates for Global Traders incorporation with offers world traders high rebates when trading the global markets. You can make money from your trading volumes when you trade: in corporation with offers world traders high rebates when trading the global markets.(1) Forex (tens of brokers)

(2) Stocks and Indices via CFDs and Futures (tens of brokers)

(3) Commodities, Metals, Energy via CFDs and Futures

A Trading Rebate is an amount of cash that is returning back to traders each time they open and close a trading position. If you join any of our rebate plans that follow you will get a cash-rebate based on your trading volume no matter if your positions closed with a profit or not.

Joining our Rebate Plans and Making Money out of Trading Volumes

Where these cash rebates come from?

Trading rebates are given to Professional Investment Consultants as an incentive to introduce new clients to Forex and CFD Brokers. A portion of this incentive is given from these Professional Investment Consultants back to traders in the form of a cash trading rebate.

(1) Forex / CFD Brokers give the rebate to → Professional Investment Consultants

(2) Professional Investment Consultants give a portion to → their Clients / Traders


Joining Trading Rebate Plans

Joining a Trading Rebate is the smartest thing you can do in order to reduce your trading cost. Here is why:

(i) and its partners will not charge you any fees for your registration (now or later)

(ii) Your participation will be permanent (no time limits) and it shall be always free

(iii) You will choose between tens of the best brokers in the market as we select our partners very carefully

(iv) The safety of your trading funds is our top priority issue. Therefore, all our brokers/partners are regulated and offer Segregated Bank Accounts.

(v) You can trade a great variety of assets and receive cash-back rebates (Forex currencies, Stocks & Indices, Commodities, Metals, and Energy via CFDs and Futures contracts)

(vi) Almost all our Rebate Plans are fully automated and you will be paid directly to your trading account without our intervention (set-up once)

(vii) There are no implications in your other trading terms from joining our rebate plans. You can get a welcome bonus, participate in any contest, etc.


What must you do in order to Join a Trading Rebate Plan?

We can provide you a rebate plan when trading with many different brokersThe process of joining our rebate plans is very easy and very fast:

(1) Choose a Rebate Plan and either open a new Account via our Rebate Links or either contact us before opening a new account

(2) Contact us via email informing us about the broker you have chosen your account number

(3) We will set-up your Rebate Account in the same day and confirm your participation via email

(4) If the Rebate Plan is fully-automatic (as in the case of Dukascopy Plan) you don't have to do anything else than simply register an account via the Automatic Rebate Link

That is all now you can deposit funds and start trading at once.



Contact us for more information about how you can participate in any Forex/CFD rebate plan.



Trading Rebates for Forex and CFD Traders